The Challenge

Communication is one of the most essential and unique abilities of humankind and  wireless communications have made tremendous strides in this matter. The mission has been to create reliable, uninterrupted, seamless, high throughput connectivity regardless of location or physical obstacles.

The Innovation

Radio waves are all around us, and while we can’t see or feel them, they improve and empower our lives everyday in many ways. While mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) developed rapidly in the last decade, wireless infrastructure has evolved much slower.

The request for more data and faster data transmission increased rapidly and today the new standard is 5G networks.

MARS has developed antennas that reliably meet these stringent demands for high performance and quality signals and also has the capabilities to develop antennas with special needs for the new and growing requirements.


Multiple engineering teams that perform parallel development operations according to marketing and customer demands perform antenna design and development at MARS.

MARS uses several in house anechoic chambers (including internal and external) and a large number of network analyzers for development and testing to ensure accurate technical performance to meet or exceed customer specifications.

As one of the antenna manufacturing leaders with innovative antenna solutions MARS Antennas can design and manufacture both flat panel and parabolic antennas in a wide range of frequencies, gains, polarizations and sizes for all major vertical markets.

Unique Value Proposition

Wide coverage of all bands with options for low, medium or high gain performance.

  • Extremely broadband with maximum gain to size ratio
  • Customization for different connector types & antennas customized per specific integration solution
  • Variety of Mounting Options
  • Low profile Antennas
    MARS offers its customers customized Antennas & RF Systems Solutions becoming an integral part of their application development process