698-960 MHz & 1700-2700 MHz Stadium Dual Band & Dual Pol Directional Antenna

MARS new DUAL BAND and DUAL POL antenna specially designed for arenas and stadiums that have to supply high capacity and reliable wireless data.
MARS MA-WA8222DB-DP14 provides solutions for services such as LTE, Cellular (2G, 2.5G and 3G), Wi-Fi and WiMAX applications.
The antenna is PIM certified, thus making it suitable for all multi-carrier systems.

Additional Features:
• Efficient and stable performance with 12-13 dBi of gain.
• UV protected radome suitable for harsh environment installations
• Durable construction
• Easy mounting allowing Az/El adjustment
• Aesthetic design
• Weatherized and durable
• Wind survival rating of 200 km/h

Specially designed for Stadiums.

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  • MA-WA8222DB-DP14 H-pol
  • MA-WA8222DB-DP14 V-pol

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  • MA-WA8222DB-DP14 
  • MA-WA8222DB-DP14B


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Frequency Range
698-960 MHz
1700-2700 MHz
Gain, Vertical Pol.
12 dBi
13 dBi
GAIN, Horizontal Pol.
13 dBi
13 dBi
VSWR, max.
2.0 : 1
dual pol - Vertical & Horizontal
3 dB Beam-Width, Azimuth, typ.
3 dB Beam-Width, Elevation, typ.
Front to Back Ratio, min.
-22 dB
Input power, max.
50 Watt
Port to Port Isolation, min.
-22 dB
-37 dB
Input Impedance
50 Ohm
PIM, 3rd order, 2X20W
-150 dBc