3.3-4.01 GHz Dual Polarized Base Station Antenna, 90°

MARS 90° Broadband Dual Polarized Sector Antenna provides a cost effective solution for LTE & WiMAX applications.

Additional Features:

  • Stable performance with 14 dBi of gain.
  • Compact size allowing for easy blending with any environment.
  • Tilt mount allowing quick and easy installation.
  • UV protected radome suitable for harsh environment installations.
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Frequency Range
3.3-4.01 GHz
GAIN, typ.
14 dBi
VSWR, max.
1.7 : 1
Dual, Vertical & Horizontal
3 dB Beam-Width, Azimuth, typ.
3 dB Beam-Width, Elevation, typ.
Side Lobes, min.
-12 dB
Cross Polarization, min.
-15 dB
Front to Back Ratio, min.
-30 dB
Input power, max.
10 Watt
Port to Port Isolation, min.
-30 dB
Input Impedance
50 Ohm
Lightning Protection
DC Grounded