CDMA/UMTS Dual Band (850MHz & 2000MHz) Repeater

MR- DBHSUC-70YY is a high selective (45-50dB) dual band medium RF power repeater at low power consumption.
It provides a cost effective answer for enhancing radio communication in buildings, basements, parking garages and other RF shielded environments.
Additional Features
• Auto Setup
• Oscillation & Overload Protection

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Frequency Range
869-879 MHz
824-834 MHz
2140-2150 MHz
1950-1960 MHz
GAIN, typ.
68 dB
65 dB
75 dB
72 dB
Input Impedance
50 Ohm
Noise Figure, max.
6 dB, 5 dB
Indicators (Led)
"Power ON", "850 Signal", "2000 Signal'
Input/Output VSWR
Pass Band Ripple
±1.5 dB, ±1.5 dB
Biasing (Through Separate DC Connector)
12 VDC @ 2A
Maximum Output Power
15 dBm, 12 dBm, 17 dBm, 12 dBm
Range of AGC, dB.
30 dB
Limited Output Power, dBm.
20 dBm, 16 dBm
Protection from Oscillation and Overload
Propagation Delay, max.
5 usec