CDMA High Selective Repeater

MARS CDMA High Selective Repeater is a high linear repeater at low power consumption. It provides high frequency selectivity at low power consumption.
Additional Features:
• Auto Setup
• Overload protection
• Oscillation protection
• High spectral purity

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Frequency Range
869-894 MHz
824-849 MHz
GAIN, typ.
63 dB
60 dB
VSWR, max.
Input Impedance
50 Ohm
Noise Figure (Amp)
6.5 dB
Output IP3, dBm
40 dBm, 34 dBm
Pass Band Ripple
3 dB
Biasing (Through Separate DC Connector)
6.7 VDC @ 3.5A, max
Maximum Output Power
21 dBm, 12 dBm
Range of ALC output power setting points, dBm.
8-21 dBm (up 8 set points)
Range of AGC, dB.
30 dB
Limited Output Power, dBm.
28 dBm, 19 dBm
Propagation Delay, max.
5 usec
Emission & Spurious
According to Standards