CDMA / TDMA Bi – Directional Amplifier

MARS Personal BDA provides a cost effective solution for enhancing radio communication in offices and other small area spaces. Amplifier features small size and is easy to install.

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Frequency Range
869-894 MHz
824-849 MHz
GAIN, typ.
55 dB
VSWR, max.
Input power, max.
-20 dBm
Input Impedance
50 Ohm
Noise Figure (Amp)
6.5 dB
Output Power @ 1dB compression., dBm
18 dBm
Output IP3, dBm
28 dBm
Pass Band Ripple
±2 dB
Biasing (Through Separate DC Connector)
6V / 400 mA(Adaptor MR-PS13 should be Ordered Separately)
Step Attenuator (2 dB Step)
2 to 30 dB