Stay connected during camping in Europe


Camping is one of the best ways to spend your holiday and clear your mind. However, sometimes while away from it all, you still need to be connected. It may be to check the weather forecast, plan your next stops, find interesting nearby attractions or recommendations to maximize your trip, check e-mails, connect via WhatsApp or to send great pictures to people back home.

Most operators do not cover camping sites since connecting a radio system to provide coverage in wide expansive areas between points is a problem.  Installing cables between all the network points in a camping area is not practical as it can prove prohibitively expensive.

However, a large supplier & operator of multi-service networks wanted to provide a solution and to this end they needed

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innovative and reliable antennas specifically for a MESH network solution which they developed. To help them with this, they sought an antenna manufacturing company that can design & manufacture a customize antenna with their perfect solution.  They chose MARS Antennas & RF systems.

The antennas they needed had very specific and stringent requirements for frequency range, gain/size ratio, lightweight, durable construction and a UV protected radome suitable for harsh weather installations.

MARS Antennas has been supplying them with these antennas for several years with larger and growing repeat orders as this successful operator continues to request tens of thousands of antennas each order.