Vessel Communications in the Icy Gulfs of Scandinavia


In the icy gulfs of Scandinavia, sail a fleet of numerous icebreakers with an unlimited sailing range whose responsibility is to operate and provide vital assistance to other vessels working in and around these freezing gulfs.

Stable communications must be maintained with no interference in vast, expansive areas of over  10,000 square kilometers some of which are covered with 1.5 meters thick of ice.

The solution

A Scandinavian technology leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity chose MARS Antennas to design and supply antennas for this massive and performance critical communication system.

The requirements of the antennas were not only technically specific but required the antennas to be extremely durable to withstand the excruciatingly severe and harsh polar temperatures on the icy Arctic seas.

Several hundreds of base stations antennas and stationary subscriber antennas were installed at various seaport locations and on icebreakers’ masts at heights of up to 20 meters.

These antennas ensure connectivity to the broadband network of local wire networks between distances over 20km.

They also provide high performance and clear signal connections from over 30km distance from the coast.  The main system provides services of data, video and VoIP transmission.