470 MHz- 700 MHz Multi Band Omni Antenna

This Omni antenna provides continuous coverage for TV White Space frequencies 470-700 MHz.

The antenna is aesthetic and has an unobtrusive profile that blends easily with any environment. It is easily installed and it is highly recommended as an outstanding logistic solution for fast deployments and both in-building and outdoor installations and is PIM certified thus making it suitable for all multi-carrier systems.


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  • MA-WO580-3
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PIM, 3rd order, 2X20W
<-150 dBc
Input Impedance
50 Ohm
Input power, max.
50 Watt
Linear, Vertical
VSWR, max.
2 : 1
GAIN, typ.
1.5 - 2.7 dBi
Frequency Range
470 - 700 MHz
VSWR typ.
1.6 : 1
3 dB Beam-Width, Azimuth, typ.
3 dB Beam-Width, Elevation, typ.

(*) Specifications for Ground Plate of 40 cm and up, or above a metal surface, with a spacing of 35-45 mm.