1980 – 2300 MHz Dual Polarization Omni Directional Antenna

MARS MA-WO21-DP9 is a Dual Polarization OMNI Directional Antenna covering 1980-2300 MHz providing a stable and efficient performance with 9dBi of gain.

The Elevation Patterns without any deviation from the horizon in full band

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Frequency Range
1980 -2300 MHz
GAIN, typ.
9 dBi
VSWR, max.
2 : 1
dual pol - Vertical & Horizontal
3 dB Beam-Width, Azimuth, typ.
Omni - Directional
3 dB Beam-Width, Elevation, typ.
Input power, max.
10 Watt
Port to Port Isolation, typ.
-30 dB
Input Impedance
50 Ohm
Lightning Protection
DC Grounded